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March 2021

Getting ready for warm Spring and Summer days (and evenings), we've just finished this gazebo for our clients in Hartley Wintney. With heaters and lighting also installed, it is ready to go as soon as the weather picks up.

February 2021

Knocked up in the (relative) warmth of the workshop by the very talented Toby, these custom built oak gates were designed to match the client's preferred design and installed during the cold and snowy weather we experienced this month.

January 2021

Our latest project is the conversion of this formerly run down, but really lovely old garage into a light, flexible and fully functional work space and studio for our clients. The floor has been re-laid, the walls tied in, new ceilings and log burner installed and new windows and doors just being finished off here.

December 2020

Very satisfying to have just finished two projects at the same time for our clients in Farnham; this lovely garage and a separate store room. The garage is oak framed, oak clad and features oak sarking boards in the roof with clay tiles on top. The store room also has an oak frame, a shingle roof and a range of bespoke barn doors with handmade ironmongery. 

November 2020

We are very flattered that bi-monthly publication, Woodworking Crafts, chose to write an in-depth Feature on us in their most recent issue (No.64). The finished article spreads over 4 pages and talks about our passion for building and restoring green oak structures and is illustrated with a range of images of projects past and current.

October 2020

The frame for this impressive log store took just two days to construct - two very wet days as it happens, but that didn't stop progress. It goes to show how quickly a structure can be built using an oak frame once all the groundworks have been completed. The frame looks stunning here in the sunlight - which came out after the build was completed, of course!

September 2020

Thanks to our friends at fourwalls-group.com, we are able to work together to produce amazing 3D visuals like this one. The incredible detail we can include really brings each project to life, clearly showing proposed materials, scale, how the building looks in situ and even surrounding landscaping. These renderings are a fantastic tool to have at our disposal for both our clients, and the planning office as part of the approvals process.

August Bank Holiday 2020

We are delighted that The Guild Of Master Craftsmen chose to focus on us with a Member Profile piece just posted on the News section of their website this weekend (https://www.guildmc.com/news/member-profile-five-oaks-projects/). The feature touches on a number of our completed projects, and highlights the diverse range of skills and huge variety of structures we've had the privilege of building over recent years, as well as some of our latest work on restoration and conservation projects.

August 2020

Whilst Oli and the team carry on with the cart shed restoration build (in between thunder storms!), here's the finished chicken coop he (and Rory) built whilst in lockdown. Its young occupants are settling in well and enjoying their luxurious new home, but it will be a month or so before they start producing any eggs (generally around 6 months old). 

July 2020

This is a very exciting restoration build project we're working on; to reconstruct a 5 bay traditional cart shed to replace the fully collapsed original building. Working closely with the planning office to meet all the required conditions, we are just starting to install some of the original timbers, salvaged from the site, into the new frame. As the build progresses, more salvaged materials will be installed so that we create a faithful replica of the original shed. 

June 2020

We are working extra hard to try and catch up on any lost time created by lockdown for a number of our patient clients, including an ongoing restoration project, a new build barn, repair works to a listed building and this fabulous new porch for our clients in Stockbridge. With glazed panels and the roof still to be installed, this grand addition has already transformed the entrance to this bungalow by providing a useful and welcoming lobby.

May 2020

Feels good to see the finishing touches completed on this Surrey 6 bay barn with dormer windows on the first floor, a welcoming porch over the front door and oak cladding all over. Our clients are thrilled with the flexible space this annexe provides and sent us this lovely image of it catching the evening sun.

April 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected our schedule a little so we do have a few projects stacking up (!), so we're thrilled to get started on this boathouse for our client in Alresford. Designed to sit on the side of a man-made lake, in front of a wooden bridge for access, there will be plenty of room to shelter a large boat and hang a number of kayaks in the rafters as requested. Update: Boathouse now completed!

March 2020

Covid 19 and self-isolating may have confined us to barracks, but it hasn't stopped Oli from tackling jobs on the farm. Here he is building a new chicken coop with his new apprentice, Rory (aged 5), on the tools. He is itching to get back to the (slightly bigger) projects we have in progress right now and will be back on site as soon as he's given the all clear.

February 2020

Having prevented the building from falling down last year (see Christmas post), and having survived storms Chiara, Dennis and Jorge this year already, the boys are well into the careful restoration of this listed granary. Their objective is to keep as much of the old timber as possible, only replacing what is absolutely necessary to prevent further decay and provide essential strength - which has won them a heap of praise from the usually reserved conservation officer!

January 2020

We are delighted to start the new year by completing the second phase build on this stunning house. The traditional oak frame (17 tons of it!) and oak cladding are really good examples of Five Oak Projects craftmanship and we are super pleased with the result. So is our client...

Christmas 2019

Just time to squeeze in one last job before the Christmas break with some emergency repairs to this listed granary which was at risk of collapse. Now given the essential support it needs to get it through the holidays, we can revisit in the New Year to carry out a professional restoration of the building.

December 2019

This lovely tiled canopy porch has gone up just in time for the Winter, giving our clients some protection from bad weather and, with the installation of lighting, much-needed illumination of a previously unlit area. Making more of a statement of their front door, our clients are delighted with how smart and practical it is at the same time.

November 2019

That's all the ground floor timbers in for this new development in Surrey, where we're building a six bay barn with accommodation over. With the main frame up, it's time to move onto the upper level.

October 2019

Close up detail of a fabulous restoration job we're doing. We've removed the worst of the badly rotten timbers and scarfed in new green oak posts to ensure this building is safe and secure, ready to face the next 100 years. We will finish the job and make good by reinstating the brickwork, matched to the original as much as possible of course!

September 2019

Building this new house in two phases was always the plan and, only 3 days into the second phase of the build, the side extension oak frame is already up to first floor level. Beautiful sunny days definitely help!

August 2019

We are thrilled that the house we built in Cornwall (as featured in a dedicated GD episode last September) was included in a special episode entitled 'Kevin's Grandest Design'. Part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the show, and aired on August 28th, this special episode included highlights from over the years as Kevin reviewed what makes a truly great Grand Designs project. 

Summer 2019

Ideal Home magazine ran an article in their July 2019 issue on the beauty and benefits of barn conversions. Part of the piece, headlined "Ideal Home Loves...Inspiring Barn Redesigns", included one of our comprehensive conversions, which was accompanied by a picture of the finished building. Please get in touch if you are considering a barn conversion and want to talk to an expert.

July 2019

The practise of placing a tree on top of a building is known as 'topping out' and is a builder's rite, traditionally held when the last beam or equivalent is placed atop a structure during its construction. Here's Oli and Toby marking this moment with their own topping out ceremony on our latest project.

June 2019

Despite somewhat challenging weather so far this month (!), the beginnings of the oak frame for this new build house in Surrey goes up without a hitch. After months on paper, it's always thrilling to see the form and shape of the building emerge.

May 2019

Our latest new product is this oak framed marquee with canvas cover. Here it is being set up as a 'Woodland Bar' for a wedding, to complement the main marquee. It's perfect for parties or any form of outside entertaining! Sides can be rolled up or winged (as per image) and this one is available for hire for your event. Or you can commission one unique to your needs.

April 2019

This unique project was for us to build a pair of treehouses high off the ground, using as much natural timber as we could from the surrounding woodland, felled and prepared onsite. The two platforms are linked by a rope bridge that can be driven under and include climbing cargo nets, hinged door hatches, natural wood ladders, a shingled roof and a zip wire ride!

March 2019

Here's the team taking full advantage of a (relatively) warm and sunny day to work outside the workshop back at the farm, hand crafting an oak frame and curved arches for a garage extension for our clients in Crondall.

Valentines Day

Five Oak Projects are very proud to have been accepted as members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. You can keep your chocolates and flowers...when you work with your hands and focus on delivering top quality bespoke projects, this is the stuff that gets your heart racing!

February 2019

This custom built bike/bin shed is made with Siberian larch cladding - which is particularly weather resistant. With padlockable latches, it is large enough to house the ugly wheelie bins we all have nowadays, plus provide secure storage for a couple of road or mountain bikes.

January 2019

We start 2019 with a number of very exciting projects in the design and planning stages, and an equal number of projects with Planning Applications submitted already and awaiting consent from Hart District Council. Each of these are for bespoke buildings and they include an oak-framed kitchen extension, two very different agricultural barns and a garden office. Watch this space...

New Year 2019

Coming soon...in response to demand, we are launching a new section to this site called The Gilded Oak. Currently under construction, it will feature details and images of some of the wide range of products we produce that are either ready to go, or available to order for bespoke commissions. All items are handmade onsite from sustainable materials and can be customised.

December 2018

Making improvements to your existing property by building an extension, remodelling the interior, or creating a home office or studio in the garden are just a few examples of how you can beat the reportedly stagnant market created by the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. We're doing exactly that for these clients by re-purposing the interior of this previously unused barn to create much-needed flexible space.

November 2018

A range of hand-crafted pieces created for sale at a Christmas charity fair this month to include; doorstops, table centres, display blocks, antler horn jewellery holders, candle holders, decorations and crates. All handmade from sustainably sourced materials by the boys, with gilding and glitter added by the girls! 

October 2018

Oli and the boys have made good progress this month, giving this lovely old barn a bit of a nip'n'tuck. When they've finished replacing and repairing the rotting oak support timbers, the building will be given a full facelift with the installation of new oak feather-edge cladding.

News Flash

The second episode of the new series of Grand Designs sees Oli featured as part of the eco-build project recently completed in Cornwall. Our clients recreated the house that featured in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off on the plot of a former dairy farm. The GD team were onsite filming a number of times and Oli, employed as the Project Consultant, is seen giving his insight into the build. 

September 2018

We've stolen a little bit of space from a bedroom to build this stunning en suite shower room with roof light, white subway tiles on the walls and geometric concrete tiles on the floor (with underfloor heating). Refurbishing the bedroom to the same standard has provided our client with a top class self-contained guest bedroom suite. 

August 2018

What an amazing Summer we're having...and it's so lovely to be working outside for this Hampshire client, building them a large new terrace with brick edged steps and oak sleeper planting beds. They couldn't wait for us to finish before setting up the table and chairs!

July 2018

This rustic swing was handmade by Oli, where he has worked with the natural shape of the oak to create this lovely and unique piece. Sold at a fundraiser auction earlier this month, it raised a healthy sum for a worthy cause. I'm sure we could persuade him to make another one if you wanted one similar...

June 2018

This stunning solid oak bench was handmade in the workshop by the very talented Fritz in response to a client request. It sits perfectly outside to compliment your existing garden furniture, around a fire pit (with maybe one or two more), on a veranda, outside your new oak framed building (as per the original client request) or in the cooling shade of a tree.

May 2018

We've returned to our clients in West Sussex to build a bespoke wedding pavilion to accommodate outside ceremonies. Designed and built to compliment our former work on their existing barns and beautifully landscaped, award-winning event venue at southendbarns.co.uk

April 2018

A bespoke, handmade oak post signpost which can be adapted to suit your home, farm, party, event or retail outlet - with as many crossbars as you'd like, a choice of lettering and the option of adding directional arrows if you'd like. Get in touch if you'd like us to make one for you.

Coming soon, more bespoke oak products...

Spring 2018

Huge congratulations to Southend Barns, who are the newly crowned winners of The UK Wedding Awards 2018 Best Barn Venue. Renovating their Dairy Barn and 200-year-old Threshing Barn to create a stunning ceremonies room and wedding party venue was a huge, but immensely satisfying project for us and we are thrilled for our lovely clients. southendbarns.co.uk

March 2018

Whilst awaiting images of the barn shell that we have just relocated for one client, and before we start work on a new 2 bay garage (with log store) for another, here's our new branding iron. This 4" iron slowly warms up to about 2000 degrees centigrade (safety gloves and fire extinguisher at the ready) before making its mark!

February 2018

Fitting a lovely new air-dried oak framed porch to this new build in Woolhampton to create a smart and welcoming entrance for all visitors to come (once the build is completed!).

January 2018

Bonding with Kevin McCloud for a day of filming for Grand Designs in Cornwall for a large Five Oaks consultancy project on an eco-build house.

New Year 2018

Wishing all our clients, colleagues, friends and suppliers a very happy, prosperous and constructive (see what we did there..?) New Year.

We start 2018 with a construction project of our own...the design, build and launch of our new website! 

December 2017

Great to hold another carpentry skills class at Rowan Farm for the students at Lord Wandsworth College before term breaks up, and there are plenty of old school skills and traditional details going into this 3-bay barn annexe.

November 2017

It's a beautiful bay...and we've taken advantage of the warm and sunny weather to make good progress on this bespoke 3-bay barn.

October 2017

Time to wrap up...and protect this woodyard barn from the elements by dressing it with waney-edged Douglas fir cladding (englishwoodlandstimber.co.uk).

September 2017

Oli polishes up his on-camera skills...as he starts a consultancy project in Cornwall for a new build eco-house that is being filmed for Grand Designs...

August 2017

Barn raising...Five Oaks completes the build on a 2-bay barn for the storage of agricultural vehicles.

July 2017

A pat on the back...Five Oak Projects named as winners in the Build 2017 Sustainable Building Awards as; Best Oak Framing Design/Build company - South England. With the BUILD awards programme in its 2nd consecutive year, this prestigious award highlights us as one of the most outstanding performers in our field.